Grab some tips and tricks about WordPress

I'm in the midst of writing my fourth book (or fifth depending on which of the two comes out first) on WordPress. This one, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to WordPress is…as you can imagine…how to start using WordPress from beginning to end. This book isn't going to be a power users book, it's for beginners.

As part of working on this book, I'm collecting tips and tricks from the WordPress community—stuff that I know will be helpful to people—and while some of these tips will make it into the book, a lot won't. Instead of these tips, tricks, and ideas getting lost in my Evernote notebook, I'm starting a site with all of them. And not just any site, a site is is actually powered by the Evernote notebook where I'm putting my notes and links.

I'm using a new service called which takes notes I've tagged as "published" and pushes them to this site. If you happen to be a fan of Evernote, then you can check out this public notebook and subscribe to it.

You can keep track of how the book is going and other stuff about me on my main website TrisHusseyDotCom.